Guided Astral Induction-Induction Only

Change Your World Through Awakened Consciousness

This product is the full guided astral induction ONLY from the Astral Psychokinesis workshop.

The guided induction only comes with a brief intro and overview of the steps I will take you through in the astral induction itself.  The induction itself is a separate file you will be able to access and play whenever you wish without the intro so you can get right into your practice for astral projection and manifestation using astral psychokinesis.

Watch this video for some FAQs on Astral Psychokinesis

If you would like the class AND the induction, please follow this link to that particular product:  Astral Psychokinesis with Astral Induction Workshop

In the workshop you learn how you can change your life and the world through awakened consciousness and many other things like:

★ What is astral psychokinesis

★ How to manifest anything using psychokinesis

★ The benefits to developing your astral skills and what does it have to do with psychokinesis

★ How to expand your capacity to learn new things

★ How to access new heights of developing your spiritual and psychic powers

★ Change your life / Change the world for more positivity and peace

Upgrade to the full workshop.  You will get everything here plus the informational workshop talk covering the points above:  Astral Psychokinesis with Astral Induction Workshop

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