Illuminate Your Path: Beliefs Assessment, Mind Mapping, & Personalized Coaching for Transformational Breakthroughs

Permanently Erase Self Sabotaging Beliefs

Do you find yourself in a never ending loop of self sabotage?  Did you know that 87% of what we think and say is negative, greater than 95% of what we do is subconscious and the subconscious is 1000 times more powerful than the conscious…the perfect trap for self sabotaging behavior ... Imagine a life in which you cannot feel any fear whatsoever . There is nothing to stop you from achieving the life you deserve without compromising who you are or what you love. 

Begin your personal transformational journey with this life transforming package designed to pave the way to step into your fearlessly authentic self through insight as to WHAT sabotaging beliefs are currently derailing you and how you can overcome them by erasing them forever. 

If you are not attracting your ideal clients, spending too much time on your business without feeling rewarded , feel overwhelmed and just want to give up, it is time to magnetize your desires by creating a personalized road map for successful growth while turning your inner critic into a cheerleader. 

This insightful package Nicole Majik is offering is an amazing way to enter into the transformational zone of quantum shifting.  Explore your world, gain clarity and insight and understand the value these programs can provide.  Your package will help you understand where to start by identifying the biggest self sabotaging beliefs you have and creating a path forward to erase them entirely!  This is a one time offer, so only package per person allowed.  Nicole reserves the right to move/reschedule any booking to the following month based upon availability.

This is a limited time offer and can be removed at any time.

1 Module

Erase Limiting Beliefs Assessment Package

How exciting!  You are on your way to a MAJOR TRANSFORMATION!

Here is the overview again on how this works...

Take the Assessment:  First you will take the assessment and answer all the questions so I can do a thorough analysis and prepare for your Discovery & Mind Mapping session.  The assessment will allow me to categorize various information to show you exactly what is sabotaging your progress so we can have a meaningful discussion on the coaching call.

The Coaching Call:  Your session will be a Discovery & Mind Mapping session where I will debrief you on my analysis from your assessment and show you the core negative   beliefs responsible for sabotaging your success.  You'll be amazed at how much just one belief can hijack your life and ripple out in all different areas.

I will also discuss the next steps in which you will benefit to erase the negative beliefs so they no longer have an effect on your life and won't inhibit you from your future successes.  

Click on "Start Here" to begin your transformation.

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