EmPOWER Package – Breaking the Chains of Self Sabotage

Unlock the doors to your potential with EmPOWER  – Breaking the Chains of Self Sabotage. Are you tired of feeling held back by invisible barriers, unsure of why success seems elusive? It's time to break free from the grip of self-sabotage and step into the life you've always dreamed of.

Step into a month-long journey of transformation, where each moment is dedicated to uncovering the roots of your limitations and replacing them with unwavering confidence and purpose. Led by acclaimed coach Nicole, this program is your ticket to immediate breakthrough.

Step 1: Clarity - Uncover Your Blindspots
Embark on a voyage of self-discovery as we delve into the depths of your subconscious mind. Through personalized Discovery & Mind Mapping session, we'll illuminate the hidden beliefs that have been dictating your decisions and hindering your progress. Witness the power of unraveling these chains as they vanish before your eyes, paving the way for unprecedented freedom.

Step 2: Align With Purpose
Experience the liberation of shedding your biggest limiting belief and embracing a new paradigm of possibility. Guided by expert techniques, you'll undergo a profound transformation as you align with your true purpose and unlock the gates to boundless success.

Step 3: Results Driven Action Plan
In your Follow up & Review Session, witness the tangible results of your journey as we fine-tune your path to greatness. With personalized attention and unwavering support, we'll celebrate your wins, address any lingering obstacles, and chart a course for continued growth and achievement.

But that's not all. With three one-on-one sessions and unlimited access to Nicole via text, voxer, or WhatsApp throughout the month, you'll have a lifeline to guidance and encouragement whenever you need it. Plus, as a special bonus, gain exclusive access to Nicole's biweekly group coaching calls for an additional two months, further amplifying your journey to empowerment.

Don't let self-sabotage hold you back any longer. Join us for the EmPOWER Package and break free from the chains that bind you. Your destiny awaits – are you ready to seize it?

Still not sure if this is right for you?  Book a 15 minute clarity call with me HERE

4 Modules

Welcome! Take the Assessment and Book Your Sessions

How exciting!  You are on your way to a MAJOR TRANSFORMATION!

Here is the overview again on how this works...

Session 1:  Your first session will be a Discovery & Mind Mapping session where we will uncover the beliefs responsible for sabotaging your success.  You'll be amazed at how much just one belief can hijack your life and ripple out in all different areas.

Session 2:  This is big one! In the Erase the Limiting Belief Strategy Session  we will go through the process for at least one of the limiting beliefs we uncovered in the first session.  The amount that we are able to get through will merely depend on how deeply rooted the beliefs are.  We want to tackle and erase them one at a time to ensure they won't be back.  Once it is gone, it is replaced with a belief that will support you moving forward.  We will discuss what to be aware of after erasing a belief in preparation for the follow up session.

Session 3:  We will reconvene for a Follow up & Review Session to go over what you've observed, implement any additional techniques and discuss any other beliefs that may have made themselves known after the other one has been removed.  This will be a session to review the progress made, shifts occurring and map out next steps for further success.

You will be equipped with the necessary tools for your personalized plan and those may be emailed or links provided based on your individual needs through the program. 

Click on "Start Here" to begin your transformation.

Feeling Stuck?! Here are Your Resources to Help You Through

I am sending you an etheric hug right now to comfort you and let you know you are not alone.  This is a temporary state of being that can be used to gain a lot of awareness of the self. Allow yourself to feel and process through these feelings.  Document/Journal your thoughts, feelings and describe what you are going through in this moment.  We can use this in one of your upcoming sessions to help overcome the beliefs that are behind this and erase them to contribute to your successes.

Look in this toolkit for things that will help you through this process of healing and self awareness for you.

Also, don't forget to reach out and let me know how you are feeling so I can be a guide in your journey.  You are not meant to do this all alone.  

Infinite Blessings,


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