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Everything offered here incorporates positive transformation through empowerment.

Are you ready to end the loop of self-sabotage and achieve the life you deserve without compromising who you are or what you love?
Do you want to go from unworthy to unstoppable?

If so, then divine timing has brought you here and you're exactly in the right place!

If we haven't met, allow me to introduce myself - my name is Nicole Majik.
Women leaders and holistic specialists hire me to step into their fearless authentic selves by permanently eliminating their self sabotaging beliefs that derail them. 

My clients say...
“I didn’t know that my subconscious behaviors were being misinterpreted by those around me.  After using this transformational system, I was able to understand a deep sense of who I am and show up as the true, authentic me and it turned everything around in my life!” 

“This transformational system has taken my life from desperate and stuck in a rut to outright dreamy!  I turned my business around, manifested the income I wanted and created a peace of mind I never thought I would have!”

“I was feeling lost, fearful, desperate and with no direction on how to gain more clients.  I didn’t even know how to articulate what I do.  The system showed me how to look at what I do in a different way and create a unique experience for my clients.  I feel excited and inspired now!”

Let's transform your obstacles into opportunities and turn that inner critic into your best cheerleader!

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Welcome Center

Welcome to the Majik Portal!

This is an ever-growing curated collection of all the free stuff available to you. 

Inside you will find valuable resources to:

  • Create more balance in your life
  • Assess your level of self awareness and self care
  • Eliminate self criticism
  • Stop negative self talk
  • and MORE!

Soul Retrieval & Past Life Regression with Nicole Majik

Experience profound healing and insight with a session tailored to your needs. Choose between Soul Retrieval, to restore lost parts of your soul for emotional balance and renewed purpose, or Past Life Regression, exploring previous lifetimes to uncover and heal past traumas, and gain clarity on your soul's journey. Both options offer deep personal empowerment and transformation. Schedule today to embark on your path to wholeness and self-discovery.

AuraGraph & Aura Reading with Nicole Majik

Receive a Keepsake Digital AuraGraph created specifically for you based on what Nicole sees in your aura.  She will focus on areas such as:

  • What is happening with your right now
  • Stressors that may be affecting your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being
  • What is coming up about your relationships (all kinds)
  • What the future holds
  • Sometimes Spirit Guides, Passed Loved Ones and Angels come up to deliver messages

Intuitive Sessions with Nicole Majik

Interested in gaining quick insight, clarity and 1:1 support for your personal life or business so you can take action and make the best decisions to create a better future for yourself?

This is for you.

40 min. sessions available.

Shift Beliefs, Connect with Spirit Guides, Align Your Vibration with Wealth, Prosperity & Abundance

Release Negative Beliefs, Connect with Spirit Guides and Align with Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance

Experience a transformative journey with our guided NLP induction designed to release self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors, connect you with your spirit guides, and align your vibration with wealth, prosperity, and abundance.

Abundance Alchemy: Wealth Vibration Calibration

Elevate Your Day, Manifest Your Dreams

Dive into a magical blend of affirmations, visualizations, and energy-clearing techniques to transform your reality into a realm of boundless abundance. Let the power of alchemy ignite your wealth consciousness and manifest your dreams with ease!

Abundance Alchemy: Shifting Money Beliefs (Group Transformation Session)

Struggling with the weight of financial stress? Feel trapped in a cycle where wealth creates more strife than freedom? Break free from the burden and redefine your relationship with money. Click here to register and embark on a journey towards financial peace and empowerment.

Next Live Session:  TBD

Laying the Foundations for Success in Life and Business

In this empowering masterclass, you'll:

- Discover the importance of understanding your desires and goals.

- Learn how mindset plays a crucial role in overcoming resistance and preparing for success without feeling overwhelmed.

- Gain clarity and vision, understand your personal purpose and worth, and develop self-awareness to eliminate energy drains.

- Uncover time-saving strategies and align your desires with your values for greater fulfillment.

- Enjoy a safe and supportive environment that fosters progress.

EmPOWER Package – Breaking the Chains of Self Sabotage

Are you tired of feeling held back by invisible barriers, unsure of why success seems elusive? It's time to break free from the grip of self-sabotage and step into the life you've dreamed of.

Unlock the doors to your potential with EmPOWER  – Breaking the Chains of Self Sabotage, a one month breakthrough for rapid transformation, where each moment is dedicated to uncovering the roots of your limitations and replacing them with unwavering confidence and purpose. 

Illuminate Your Path: Beliefs Assessment, Mind Mapping, & Personalized Coaching for Transformational Breakthroughs

Ready to Illuminate Your Path to Success?

Discover the key to unlocking your full potential with our transformative program, Illuminate Your Path. Through our Beliefs Assessment, Mind Mapping, & Personalized Coaching call, you'll uncover the blind spots that have held you back, identify your biggest blocks, and chart a clear path forward for your most significant and rapid transformation yet!

Majikal Manifestation Bundle Pack

A Complete DIY Package for Manifesting Your Desires

This bundle is packed with everything to support the manifestation of your desires with meditation, affirmations, tools, and resources as well as beautiful social media posts to share, engage your network and support you in your transformation process.

Is Your Money Personality Sabotaging Your Life? (Webinar)

Are you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and full of anxiety about money?  The conversation you are having with yourself about money is related to your money personality, which is tied to your beliefs about money.

Annihilate Self Sabotage in 3 Steps Mini Course

Say Goodbye to Self Sabotage FOREVER!

Don't let your life suffocate you...
Create the life you deserve!

Learn Nicole's Proven 3 Step A.I.R. Process for a Life of Fulfillment and Freedom.

Become An Affiliate

An opportunity for you...

I always say we elevate each other.  I am truly grateful to have a loving, supportive community of conscious and awakened people who appreciate the work that I do. I want to show my mutual love and appreciation by giving back!  You can now join my affiliate program and promote the products you believe in and receive abundance from doing so!  It's free to sign up and you will be able to see your stats quickly and easily.

Meditation for Self Healing

The Power to Heal is Within YOU...Access it NOW!

This meditation is designed to bring you into a deep communion with your body to activate a powerful technique for restoration to allow your body to heal itself.  The body knows what it needs to do to attain a state of balance.  You will be brought into the zone of healing and allow your body to do the work effortlessly. You will release the conditioning to control and judge your body and surrender to the amazing power within that allows for restoration and rejuvenation at the cellular level.  (Length:  36 min.)

Meditation for Releasing Emotions

It's Time to Release Toxic Emotional Buildup!

Unresolved emotions get trapped in our body where they build and fester, draining our energy, leading to burnout, emotional imbalance, and eventually disease. Use this meditation daily to release emotional buildup.  

Manifestation Meditation

You Are Capable of Amazing Things!

The ability to manifest lies within each one of us.  Use this meditation daily to amplify your attracting power and align yourself with the loving energies of the Universe so that you manifest the changes you desire.  

Chakra Balancing Meditation

Balance Your Energy to Find Peace Within

The Chakra Lightburst Meditation will take you through each individual energy center in the body to create a sense of balance, peace and connection to your inner truth and intuition.  It was designed to bring the chakras into alignment so you can begin to delve deeper within, access your guides and bring harmony to your life no matter what is happening around you.  Your inner peace will bring outer peace. 

Fork This, Bend That!: Techniques in Psychokinesis

Techniques in Psychokinesis

Fork/Spoon bending - it's not just about ruining silverware.  It's about tapping into the Window of Miracles.

If you've ever wondered how to tap into the power of the mind, to access the quantum field and alter the physical reality of matter so that you can enter into a space of miracles, healing and manifestation, this is the workshop, you've been waiting for.

Astral Psychokinesis With Astral Induction Workshop

Change Your World Through Awakened Consciousness

Have you ever wanted to learn how to tap into the power of astral projection and astral psychokinesis?

Learn the basics of Astral Psychokinesis and how you can change your life and the world through it. This includes a Guided Astral Induction to help you attain the state to induce and astral projection

Guided Astral Induction-Induction Only

Take a Journey of Healing, Transformation and Manifestation!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel in your astral body?

Tap into the power and insight of astral projection using this guided induction designed to help you attain the state to induce and astral projection

5 Day Money Manifestation Accelerator

This is your access pass to the recordings from the 5 Day Money Manifestation Accelerator

Day 1:  Identify Your Beliefs

Day 2:  Discover Your money personality

Day 3:  Behaviors & Habits

Day 4:  Flip the switch

Day 5:  Experience THE SHIFT

5 Day Money Manifestation Accelerator - LIVE August 5-9, 2024

This is your access pass to the recordings from the 5 Day Money Manifestation Accelerator

Day 1:  Identify Your Beliefs

Day 2:  Discover Your money personality

Day 3:  Behaviors & Habits

Day 4:  Flip the switch

Day 5:  Experience THE SHIFT

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